Demo: A Proof-of-Concept Implementation of Guard Secure Routing Protocol

Published in, 2020

Skip Graphs belong to the family of Distributed Hash Table (DHT) structures that are utilized as routing overlays in various peer-to-peer applications including blockchains, cloud storage, and social networks. In a Skip Graph overlay, any misbehavior of peers during the routing of a query compromises the system functionality. Guard is the first authenticated search mechanism for Skip Graphs, enables reliable search operation in a fully decentralized manner. In this demo paper, we present a proof-of-concept implementation of Guard on Skip Graph nodes as well as a deployment demo scenario.

Download paper here

Recommended citation: Taheri-Boshrooyeh, Sanaz, et al. “A Proof-of-Concept Implementation of Guard Secure Routing Protocol.” 2020 International Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems (SRDS). IEEE, 2020.